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Lost all my Duolingo progress (last 9 months)

I have been learning Spanish for 9 months, today pressing a link/button (not even sure what happened) on my mobile phone whilst in Duolingo has resulted in my default language changing from English (to Indonesian I think) and all my language achievements to date have been lost.

Duo or anyone - Any help appreciated

September 20, 2014

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You don't lose the progress; it is just >> there are separate sections for each of the language from different interfaces. For example, I accidentally clicked learning English from Bahasa Indonesia. The interface language is, of course, Bahasa Indonesia. When I'm on that section, I could not see my Spanish nor my Dutch Progress. I thought I lost my progress too...

But in fact, the progress is still there on the different section (the section for learning Spanish/Dutch for ENGLISH speaker). Maybe you want to try to go to Pengaturan > Belajar Bahasa > I want to learn Spanish (I know English). You will be taken to the English interface and your progress will be restored. Hope that helps!


the same happened to me, though I didn't press anything. I just opened the app on my ipod touch and everything was switched to indonesian.


I have just begun leaning Spanish (in English) and somehow I have gotten into Indonesian when I login and I cannot get back to my original login. My login name is

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