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"November is a month of the year."

Translation:Noviembre es un mes del año.

5 years ago



I was given "Noviembre es un mes del año" as an answer twice (written EXACTLY the same, I took a screenshot) and clicked both boxes thinking it was kind of a trick question. Apparently one isn't appearing as it should because it told me I was wrong for selecting both although they were identical... -.- there goes my lingot!

4 years ago


At first glance, mine looked like that too. Now that I really look at it, for one answer it says "es un mes" and the other says "en un mes"

En vs Es

I think I just read over it too fast. I could have sworn it said the same thing. But upon closer inspection I was wrong!

4 years ago


Thanks. They look so similar

6 months ago


me too, something is amiss I fear

4 years ago


Got the exact same problem too. Please fix this soon.

4 years ago


Same happened to me, two identical correct answers and marked me wrong. Forget that, just seen the subtle difference during the re-take.

4 years ago


Me too and I only had one question left. I also only had one heart left.

4 years ago


They are not identical. The first one says "en un mes" instead of "es un mes." I thought the same.

4 years ago


I thought del=de+el and that there is no short for de+la? Please clarify for me?

5 years ago


There is no short for de+la, but I do not see how that has to do with that sentence? "Año" is masculine, so it needs de+el = del...

5 years ago


Ahhhh, now I see my error! Gracias!

5 years ago


De nada :]

5 years ago


Two sentences both said "Noviembre es un mes del año" out of the supposed three options. Wasn't one of those supposed to be something else? Because this was not the first time this happened and I keep getting points off when both sentences are identical! Please fix this.

4 years ago

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They showed the same thing twice. I demand my heart back!

4 years ago

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Your heart is in dark place now :)

4 years ago


Me too

4 years ago


yes, same here, this should be corrected

4 years ago


I love this question!!

3 years ago


Look... for future reference: you're not really supposed to choose more than one answer from the 3. you're only supposed to choose the 1 correct answer. There is only one correct answer/sentence. You must take your time and look at each sentence. If you choose the wrong sentence, you will be marked incorrect. If you choose 2 sentences you will be marked incorrect simply for choosing 2 because only 1 sentence is right. Only choose one. do not choose 2 answers.

1 year ago


The comment below is correct! Answers 2 and 3 are identical but if both boxes are ticked it is marked wrong. How can one know which is supposed to be correct and which is supposed to be wrong?

8 months ago


there were two same answers but only one was right.

4 months ago