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"Is er hier een verpleegkundige?"

Translation:Is there a nurse here?

September 20, 2014



I was curious if "verpleegkundige" was a compound word made of smaller words. Based on xMerrie's response, it seemed that "verpleeg" is related to nursing, but I was not sure what "kundige" meant.

I checked google translate, and it said "kundige" means expert.... so that would mean "verpleegkundige" would literally translate to "an expert in nursing" and so a "nurse." (correct me if I am wrong, Dutch speakers)


verplegen = to treat/to nurse, kunde = ability,skill, kundige is the one who has the skill. So verpleegkundige = The one with the skill to treat/nurse


Is there any other shorter word for "a nurse"?
I find verpleegkundige quite a mouthful.


Verpleger for male nurse ;)


Verpleigster for a female.


Can we use verpleegkundige for both male and female?


Yes, 'verpleegkundige' is used voor both men and women. Other words are 'zuster' (f), 'verpleegster' (f), 'verpleger' (m) and '(zieken)broeder' (m).


Bendankt voor je hulp!


I thought that...only the dutch can turn a 5 letter word into 15 !


how do you understand "er hier" ? it here? there here?


If you write this question as a statement, it would be Er is hier een verpleegkundige, which translates to "There is a nurse here."

Based on Dutch word order, hier has to be in the middle part of the sentence, after er. (Reference) This strict word order is not true for English (Here there is a nurse. There is a nurse here) Though, when posed as a question... I think Is there a nurse here? is the only ordering that sounds natural.

I hope I answered your question.


Thank you plasma991 :) it makes more sense now.


Thank you both for this question and answer!!

Duo is soo great!!



Is "is er een verpleegkundige hier?" also correct?


I have mistakenly it seems over compensated with "Is there a skilled nurse here? as it was not accepted even though kundige is referring to the skill of this nurse??


All our nurses are skilled here, that's why we add it into the word!


Verplegen means to treat or to nurse, not a nurse.

Verpleegkundige is someone with the skill/ability to treat/nurse = a nurse ;)

Skilled nurse would be "een goede/vaardige verpleegkundige", vaardige is a bit older fashioned.


Where do you put adverbs or stuff from TMP (http://www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=WordOrder.08) if there is no object?


Well, after EHD or in front of EHD depending on what you add to the sentence.

  • Ik ging gisteren naar school
  • Gisteren ging ik naar school
  • Zij fietst graag


What is the difference between "verpleegkundige" and "verpleegster"?


Maybe verpleegster (female nurse) or verpleger (male nurse) are somewhat more informal and spoken Dutch. But they are synonymous.

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