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Mouse-over translations

I would love it if Duolingo would apply mouse-over translations for ALL words on the site. So, if someone typed a comment in Spanish, I would like to be able to mouse-over a word and see the English, and vice-versa for English to Spanish. I guess you would have to set which language you want to translate to in settings or depending on which section of Duolingo you are in.

June 5, 2013



Yes, I like this idea. We will work on it.


yeah, nice idea i think that would be cool


If you use chrome, I recommend the TransOver extension . There is something similar for firefox , possibly hovertranslate or something. It doesn't always guess the right language for a word, if it is in multiple languages for example, but it is plenty good enough to rely on if you are already familiar with the language you are reading.


Thanks for the tip. TransOver is pretty awesome. Now I can lean Spanish while at work!

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