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  5. "Jeg kigger ned."

"Jeg kigger ned."

Translation:I look down.

September 20, 2014



Are kigge and se interchangeable?


'At kigge' means 'to look' while 'at se' means 'to see/watch/look', so the word 'ser' can be used in more contexts.


As "look down" is a phrasal verb, and it isn't clear the meaning, allow me to ask anyone here, which phrase of the following does "kigge ned" fit better? ===> I look down in shame.(physical meaning) I look down on the future in order to invest. I look down on your "Justin Biever" T-shirt because I don't like him (figurative). Be nice...tak!!!


"Kigge ned" fits better with looking down in shame.

"I looked down in shame" = "Jeg kiggede ned i skam"

"Ser" works better with looking down on things (condescension).

"I look down on your "Justin Biever" T-shirt, because I don't like him" = "Jeg ser ned på din Justin Bieber T-shirt, for jeg kan ikke lide ham"

I am however having a bit of trouble with your "I look down on the future in order to invest", since it doesn't make sense to me in English.


mange tak, oh and don't blame on me about the invest, I copy/paste from my dictionary examples, ;-D


I pronounced this correctly and still got it marked wrong. There is no appropriate error for me to report. The same thing has happened with another spoken question.


This sounds like "vi" in the normal pronunciation. The slow is obviously "jeg"

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