"The pant pockets"

Translation:Le tasche dei pantaloni

June 5, 2013

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pant is singular, what is plural are the pockets. So, the shown answer is not valid!!


Trousers are always plural in italian. Such as guanti also. Its because pant is american. If you think in english as with trousers or gloves you say them as plural words


Please see my edit at the end.

Well "pant" in Am.+Br English means breathe hard. Like a thirsty dog. In Am Eng. "pants" are the same as "trousers" and always plural. I don't know if I can agree with the "gloves" I've often lost one glove.

Two hours later:

Edit Now I realize that "pant" here is not a noun but rather an adjective as in: "pant suit", "trouser suit", "eye glass cleaner", and some other nouns we know of as always plural, are used in the singular as adjectives.


i thought the same


I believe it is: The pantS pockets= Le tasche dei pantaloni In italian it's commonly said "pantaloni", in plural, as in english, pants or trousers. They may have had thought that in english the word is used in singular. But the translation is correct. Tasche=pockets; pantaloni=pants. I speak portuguese, and pants in portuguese is a singular word, calça, that in plural is calçaS. This sentence in portuguese would be similar to the wrong one they have written: Os bolsos da calça.


I get it! your response helped me the most. the word in English is always "pants" but the concept of singular is different. The word "pant" does not exist in English (except as a verb)


pant is singular in this sentence, not pants pocket!


pants are never singular in English pant becomes the verb to breathe heavily


pants are undergarments in ENGLISH trousers are what you put over them. PLEASE use english for the european members

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Here in Australia people do use 'pants' to mean 'trousers' at times.


That's true. In Australia pants mean trousers nowadays.


...but I peeked and it said ansimare. why the hell did it give me the answer, and then mark it wrong? Idiots.


It gave you the word for "to pant" from what I could tell (verb, as it ends in -are). There are all kinds of wrongs with this sentence, and I'm annoyed because it just cost me a whole 'nother run at this lesson.


Ciao bisouse: The dropdown so-called “hints” are not reliable. I recommend using a good online translation site or a good published Spanish/English dictionary – a good one, not a cheap paperback. I no longer waste my time on the “hints”.


In English we would say "the trouser pockets" or "the pockets of the trousers". I guess it's the same in the American with pant/pants?? This may be why the singular has changed to plural in Italian


Duolingo staff: why keep such a controversial example? "the jacket pockets" would be so much better!!!!!


Can anyone explain why it's "dei pantaloni" and not "di pantaloni"?


I think dei is a contraction of di + i = dei, so di i pantaloni becomes dei pantaloni


la parola "pant" per pantaloni, induce sicuramente all'errore, visto che non è pant, ma "pants".


Well... most commonly it's "pants" (these are my pants), but I could see "pant pockets" possibly being correct in English. However, this leads to multiple errors with the system here, so I'm all on board with changing this to "pants pockets".

Error 1: Shows the wrong translation, so I had to guess "pantalone" and hope I wasn't dredging up parts of my studies into related languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese), and on top of that hope I got the gender right.

Error 2: Well, maybe it's not an error. Is "pantaloni" always plural in Italian as well as in English? Do you ever say "pantalono/pantalone"?

Error 3: Suggests to the student that they should probably use a singular, since the English is clearly singular.

DuoLingo staff: Please do change this example somehow! It just cost me my run, and I was almost to the end, too :(


Pant does not mean trousers in English..


Grazie, per la spiegazione. Sono assolutamente d'accordo, soprattutto sulla richiesta di una modifica, rivolta, naturalmente, allo staff Duolingo. Bye!


i agree with the comments regarding pant being singular.....clarification please!


Ditto, say pants not pant if you mean plural


I wrote the correct answer then carefully checked the "English" and changed it to singular. Must you use "American English" to fool us????


Technically, isn't le tasche del pantalone the correct answer since pant is singular. It's like saying pockets of the pant.


"pant ansimare avere il fiatone respiro affannoso"

Great help duolingo, thanks.....

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