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  5. "Cá bhfuil m'airgead?"

" bhfuil m'airgead?"

Translation:Where is my money?

September 21, 2014



Why is there a space after "m'" in "m' uncail," but not in "m'airgead"?


It's just an issue with Duolingo's software. There's not supposed to be a space at all.


Really? It actually corrected me as if I had misspelled a word. I thought it was in interesting form of punctuation for the Irish to have developed when the English and French don't put spaces around apostrophes.


Nope. It's just because of an error. If I recall correctly, it was something about the Duolingo software not wanting to put two words as one. But, no, it's nothing special about Irish. In this case, when you have an apostrophe, there's supposed to be noen space.

m'úll, d'úll/t'úll


I think that it’s because Duolingo currently doesn’t allow separate dictionary hints for the m’ and the airgead unless they’re separated by a space, so the Irish team’s workaround was to write m’airgead as m’ airgead to allow the separate hints. Some of the English to Irish questions have been written to mark the absence of a space in the responses as incorrect or as a typographical error; I’ve been reporting them whenever I come across them.

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