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  5. "The duck swims."

"The duck swims."

Terjemahan:Bebek itu berenang.

September 21, 2014

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Triknya utk memudahkan, they we I you (Dewi Ayu) tanpa -s, sisanya he she it dengan -s


Wih baru denger tuh... Keren keren


Mksh DEWI AYUny... jdi gmpag ngpalny...


Kapan kita menambah -s? Tadi ada kata 'the dog swim' tapi gapake -s. Sedangnya ini 'the duck swims'


"The dog swim" is wrong. It should be "the dog swims".

When it is singular (other than I), you must add -s.


Not really, 's' is used for third-person singular ONLY. so: i swim, you swim, they swim, we swim, BUT he/she/it/the dog swims


Well, "they" and "we" are not singular. "You" could be both singular and plural. So the only true singular that doesn't use -s is "I".


'They' is very widely used as singular, because many people feel that using 'he' to refer to an unknown single person is sexist, and that 'he/she' is clumsy. You also have the 'royal we', e.g., 'we are not amused'


Yes, I am aware of the royal we but I think it's very limited in usage.

However, I didn't know that "they" can be used as singular. I think "he" should be used generally but I suppose if one is overly concerned about political correctness, he (yep I am doing it!) may use "they". Thanks for that!


There's a mod here on Duolingo who is a transgenre or doesn't want to have a genre, he/she wants to be called "they" as he doesn't want to make choice between "she" or "he".

"They" is used when someone doesn't know if it's a female or a male. But it's rather advanced English, and a rare case. Anyway, good to know

but for basic learners like in this course, it's better to stick to "they" = plural,
I think, and forget the "they" as "undetermined singular person". It could be way too confusing.


Rumus dasar S(tunggal) + V+s S(jamak) + Vtanpa s semoga membantu


It = itu "the duck" = bebek itu . jadi kata kerjanya pakai S


bukankah "the" sebagai pengganti "that" dan "this" dimana objek yang dibicarakan sudah diketahui oleh yang berbicara. seharusnya bisa di artikan "tersebut" dong?


Itu = the/that dan kadang-kadang: "it". Dan ini = this.

Di sini, bebek itu adalah diketahui. THE duck.


Om yang bicara ini computer cobak sabar ini kan bulan penuh berkah=bulan puasa itu harus sabar om


"the duck swims" (bebek itu berenang renang = present tense) sedangkan duolingo mengartikan "the duck swims (bebek itu sedang berenang). Bukannya "Bebek itu sedang berenang" jika di bahasa inggriskan menggunakan present continuous "the duck is swimming"



Di mana "Bebek itu sedang berenang"?


Apakah bisa the ducks swim?


Jadinya bebek bebek itu berenang

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