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  5. "De jongen leest een krant."

"De jongen leest een krant."

Translation:The boy reads a newspaper.

September 21, 2014



So "jongen" isn't plural? I had "De jongen leest een krant." and translated it as "The boys read a newspaper". But that's wrong apparently, could anyone expand that?


Yes, "jongen" (boy) is singular. The fact that it ends on -en, just like most plural nouns, is an unfortunate coincidence. Boys is translated as "jongens".

Another tip: you can also tell from the verb "leest" that the subject must be singular. If it were plural, it would be:

  • The boys read a newspaper - De jongens lezen de krant

See here for more information on Dutch plurals and here for more on the conjugation of verbs.


So leest is singular and lezen is plural?


Yep! The conjugation goes like this:

  • Ik lees
  • Jij leest
  • Zij/Hij/Het leest
  • Wij lezen
  • Jullie lezen
  • Zij lezen

See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3762671


Thanks. For some reasons links which you gave are not working. Can you post the full url here?


See here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3751777 for more information on Dutch plurals and here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3762671 for more on the conjugation of verbs.


I thought de signified plural and het was singular. So why is it de here?


No. De is the definite article for most nouns: those of common (masculine or feminine) gender, while het is the definite article for neuter nouns, which are anything else. For plural nouns, de is the definite article, irrespective of gender.


why it's reading not reads? I'm really confused


So the 'ee' in een makes an 'un' sound while the 'ee' in leest makes an 'e' sound. What's the rule for how they are suppose to sound when you see them in words?

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"Een" is an exception to the rule. All other words where you see "ee", it has a long "e" sound (like in "leest").


Poor diction of the audio. It sounds like "leeft", not "leest".


I've heard and said "jongen" dozens of times but I just can't pronounce it correctly. It's so hard

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