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  5. "Wat voor vlaai bakken zij?"

"Wat voor vlaai bakken zij?"

Translation:What kind of vlaai are they baking?

September 21, 2014



Is that a giant pretzel?


nee. Het is z'on "pie"


Yes, it's a big flat pie and it is always sweet, whereas a 'pie' can be savory if I'm not mistaken.

FYI you should have written "zo'n" because it is a contraction of "zo een"


Why does this remind me of trypophobia? :/


So, basically a pie with a woven top?


Looks like a pastafrola:


Yum. It is a tradition on birthdays to buy a large vlaai and serve it and coffee to guests who drop by. My favourite is rijstevlaai which is a sweet set rice pudding usually topped with slagroom or whipped cream and choc shavings.


What's exactly a "vlaai"?


Een vlaai is een traditionele Limburgse dunne taart. Vaak zit er alleen een fruitvulling in (kersen, abrikozen, kruisbessen (Limburgs: kroezel), appel), maar andere traditionele vlaaien zijn rijstevlaai en kruimelvlaai (with vanilla cream and crumbles on it). Ik vind zelf Christoffelvlaai de lekkerste: een klein laagje banketbakkersroom (vanilla cream), een laag kersencompote en tot slot een dikke laag chocolade mousse :-)

[deactivated user]

    How are we to know if the Dutch food is to be translated ot not? On some responses it is wrong to do so and on others it is not.


    Most sentence with typical Dutch food accept the Dutch word, as well as English alternatives. Why? Because there is not a direct English equivalent, but there are some that come close and could be used to describe the Dutch food.

    Now there are a few that don't have any English equivalent or anything that can be used to describe it, e.g. frikandel. In such cases it is impossible to provide an English translation.


    If the picture is accurate then it is called a "latticed tart" typical in Lancashire.


    It is a very typical example, though it is not the only type of 'vlaai'. Somebody already mentioned the 'rijstevlaai'. Another common one is 'kruimelvlaai', which, if filled with apple, is basically an apple crumble ('kruimel' also means crumb). Now all this talk about vlaai has given me a craving...

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