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I've finished!

My Dutch tree is complete! Thank you so much Lavinae, KaiEngle, Rhynn and Simius! I've had an amazing experience :D I love learning this beautiful language and finding out more about the spectacular culture that goes with it! This is my fourth duolingo owl.

My favorite skills were Map, NL 1 and NL 2. Among some of the amazing sentences I enjoyed translating the most were:

De koeien voeren onderzoek uit naar deoorsprong van het gras., Het kind heeft een vraag over de verkoop van ouders., De wetenschappers kwamen tot de conclusie dat Nederland debeste is., Dit is een stichting voor kinderenzonder gele klompen.

Now I plan on reading some Dutch books (could anybody recommend some?), listening to music and, of course, practicing here.

I'd also like to thank my friends on here for their support, especially AlexisLinguist, Moomingirl and MaeeSafaee.

Now on to Irish or Danish! (While practicing Dutch, of course)

September 21, 2014





Spent this week unable to do anything

except walk in the countryside

picking wild berries

My cognitive skills are very poor

memory problematic

and extreme head pains

leave me in tears

but reading your Dutch Journey

Is an inspiration to us all

and takes me away from a world of pain

Radiance of smiles as ...

The Dutch course is my favourite

Fun and akin to Scots in many ways

Respect to you and a few token Lingots


From a Jack to a King (Jack)


Thank you very much, Jack! :) Your persistence in language learning and your friendliness are very inspiring!


Gefeliciteerd Jack!

As for Dutch books, the Netherlands has a pretty great tradition of children's literature, in my opinion. A particularly good author is Annie M.G. Schmidt. I really recommend her books "Pluk van de Pettenflet" and "Minoes"..

Also one my favorite childhood books is "De brief voor de koning" by Tonke Dragt. It is an exciting story about knights, set in a medieval fictional world. Slightly more mature than Annie M.G. Schmidt's work. She also wrote the science fiction novel "Torenhoog en mijlenbreed", about the exploration of Venus.


Danke u wel! I'll make sure to look into those! :)


Gefeliciteerd, Jack, you came a long way in the past week and a half! The sentences were awesome throughout the whole course. Informative and entertaining, a match made in heaven, ha ha. Sorry I can't recommend any resources myself, but I'm sure you'll get them. You know I'm happy to help! :)


Danke je! This has been an awesome course, many of the sentences made me burst out laughing! Thank you for inspiring me to finish my tree so quickly, I just had to catch up with you! :D


Graag gedaan! You're too competitive for your own good! :P


I tried to learn this language before but it is so hard :D congratulations Jack ^_^


Thank you :) It is hard, but there's a pot of gold at the end! (Or is that the Irish tree?)


Congratulations Jack, Great job.... :)


Mersi ;) Thank you for being so encouraging on the way!


It's my pleasure, Jack :)


Congratulations Jack :D 3 Lingots for you!


Thank you very much! :)


Congrats! I love how you're still intent on continuing learning the language ;)


Bedankt! There's so much more to learn...:)


Of course. Good luck on starting the language ;)


Gefeliciteerd, Jack! Have you thought about doing the English for Dutch speakers course?

Those really were awesome sentences...they gave you something to laugh about while doing lessons. ;)

Good luck with Irish! It seems like it'll be a challenging language, but that just makes it more interesting. :)


Danke je wel! :) I don't know if I'll do the reverse course, maybe later after I practice with this course more. Irish is hard, but there's a pot of gold at the end.


Graag gedaan! Ah, okay. That's what I'm going to do. I figure doing the reverse course can only help, so why not? Ha ha, yes there is. ;) Plus the language just seems really cool.


Congratulations, G.J.!


How long did it take for you to get to your level? Just started, I am obsessed.


My Dutch level took me 2 months.


Congrats on the completion. I read the Dutch translation of "Olivier en de Dwaaleilanden" and found it to be an exciting children's fantasy. It moves along really quickly and is quite cute. I'd definitely recommend it because it is a pretty low reading level, but still has characters and a plot I could get into.


Dank u! I'll check that book out!


Wowza! Congratulations! You're something of a fantastico to be able to complete it! I can barely get the basics down! (Too me, Dutch feels like American English in comparison to German. Sounds similar but why do they spell things so strangely?!)


Thank you :) Some parts of Dutch are difficult, but overall I think it's much easier.


Gefeliciteerd, Jack! Dat heb je goed gedaan. (You did it.)

(I'm a native speaker!)


Gefeliciteerd, Jack!

I too am almost done with my tree. It's been a fun ride and your post has been continued inspiration to help me finish.

Since I am now working on my MSc in the Netherlands, I asked a couple Dutch students for a good book to read to continue learning. One of my classmates recomended "De Ontdekking van de Hemel" by Harry Mulisch. He claimed that it is a must-read book. From what I have researched, it looks pretty good.

Veel Succes!


Thanks a lot! I'll have to look into that book! Good luck with the rest of your tree!


Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

En complimenten voor de toffe zinnen die je geselecteerd hebt.

Regarding a Dutch book, a good start could be Het Achterhuis, Anne Frank's famous diary. Something different than childhood books, but yet not too difficult.

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