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  5. "Ninjaer arbejder om natten."

"Ninjaer arbejder om natten."

Translation:Ninjas work at night.

September 21, 2014



Definitely one of the best sentences on duo


Not "one of the best", just "the best". Reminds me of "You Only Live Twice."


Maybe not the most useable occupation to learn about. :-)


Well, you also have turtles to combine with.


YES! Ninjaskildpadderne on Duolingo! Totally!


Ungdomsmuteretninjaskildpadderne :)


Definitely gonna use this all the time in Copenhagen


This is for sure the most useful thing to learn. However, there should be more information about Danish ninjas in case you never get to see one.


They're obviously pretty good because you don't see them!


By night, they are working... by day they are playing with children???


This sentence just made my day.


It made my night.


the audio is a little off here....


The accepted translation is "Ninjas work at night" which is a general sentence and inserting a definite article would change the meaning (and sounds unnatural to my non native ear). Is the definite form "natten" necessary in Danish? Would indefinite form mean something different?


I think (non-native) that in Danish you always put the definite form. It is, in fact, rather strange how it is done in English (switching between definite and indefinite from time to time):

"in the morning" -> "om fromiddagen"

"at noon" -> "om middagen"

"in the afternoon" -> "om eftermiddagen"

"in the evening" -> "om aften"

"at night" -> "om natten"


I think the only one that sounds good with both 'in the' and 'at' is night. In my opinion anyway. But yeah, this must be a nightmare (no pun intended) for non-English speakers wishing to learn English XD


Yes, the definite form of night is necessary in Danish. In Danish the lack of the definite form would change the meaning, if you write it as 'a night' 'en nat' it is only one night, either one specific night or one night at some non-fixed point in time. Native Danish speaker by the way :)


Doesn't 'one specific night' require the definite form?


No. a context specific night can just be en nat, but usually it would be 'that night' 'den nat' which then has a definite article, but the word itself is actually not definite.


OK, then it doesn't make any sense at all. What would the whole sentences with 'nat', 'en nat', 'natten', 'den nat' mean?


if it was only that specific night it would be 'Ninjaer arbejder den nat' You could also write 'Ninjaer arbejder dén nat' using the accent to emphasise that it only concerns one night.


I'm a non-native, but these sentences (with the definite) make more sense to me (and are accepted by the system) when I use 'during'; e.g. "Ninjas work during the night," "Bears sleep during the winter," and so on.


Teenage mutant ninjaer skildpaddene


Some Ninjas work at night. The ones that do work at night do it because the night shift pays double time, as there are also day time Ninjas, but they do more clerical duties. The double time also reflects the extra risk they face as they actually have to perform missions and stuff.


What the hell is up with her voice


Is any one else's audio really messed up on this one?


Der er noget rigtigt galt med hvordan Duo udtaler "ninjaer" i denne sætning


I want to report a problem that's not on the "report list". I typed the exact sentence, apart from the initial capital letter, and duo gave it wrong! :( (I checked multiple times all the letters and there are no typos nor any other mistake)


The second time there were no problems though... bah! So wierd!


There is a bug report form for issues that aren't to do with the sentences specifically. Unfortunately it's a bit hidden away: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Make sure to add a screenshot to make the issue clear.

Of course issues to do with the grammar or corrections to the sentences themselves should still be done on the "Report a Problem" option in the lessons themselves.


Thank you! I didn't know this. If the problem occurs again I will surely do so!


Oh, Duo! You ABSOLUTE NUTHEAD!!!!!! This is going to come in handy when I finally have the money to go to Denmark, right? Wait! Don't walk away!


Never has a truer sentence been spoken.


this skill has so many funny sentences i love it


That is what they want you to think.

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