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"Hij brengt me de tijdschriften."

Translation:He brings me the magazines.

September 21, 2014



why is it 'me' instead of 'mij'


"Mij" puts emphasis on the fact that it is to you that he is bringing the magazines. "Me" does not.


Both should be accepted (unless it's an audio exercise).


Tijdschriven: time writing?


There is tijdschrijven, but that means accounting for worked hours (writing down time). The tijd in tijdschrift refers to it being a periodical


journals was not accepted instead of magazines. What is the difference?


In English, a "magazine" is a very specific type of publication, typically monthly or weakly, printed in a booklet-like format. Many different magazines exist and cover many different topics. A "journal" can eather be a personal record of one's life (similar to a diary) or a practical/news/facts centric publication of any format. So while a magazine can also be called a journal (Newsweek, Time), they are by no means the same thing.


Hi Sowrd! Extremely usefull and interesting your comment! As I am learning English frenetically (to have access to any other language study and comunication possibility) I took even notes of what, and the way how you wrote in English. So thank you! Lu.


While sowrd299 isn't strictly incorrect, do keep in mind that in popular usage, at least in much of the United States, there is often considerable overlap between the word "journal" and "magazine", and where there is, the words are interchangeable in casual conversation. While a journal can be a diary, a magazine can also refer to a part of an arsenal, a place to store weapons and explosives, which only illustrates that many words have multiple meanings differentiated by context. I believe neither of these alternate meanings is likely intended by the Dutch sentence here. See for example http://www.dictionary.com/browse/magazine?s=t and http://www.dictionary.com/browse/journal?s=t

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