When making "Suggestions".

I appreciate suggestions, whether I wind up agreeing with and accepting the change, or not. Most of the suggestions that I get are tiny little changes; mostly typ0s that snuck by me, or an improvement in nuance with the change of a single word. It would only take a second to make suggestions much stronger by making a note of what the edit is. Without a clue, I find myself going word by word through the text until I detect the edit. Suggestions are great. Leaving a clue with a brief mention of what the edit is would make them perfect. Most people don't do that, which surprises me. They've done the hard part and overlooked the easy part.

6 years ago

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As a new user, may I suggest, being that I haven't seen it as yet, that the comments/feedback, be accumulated (for want of a better word) on numbered pages. That would make it quicker to find/go back while looking at feedback, instead of what is in place now, where you must go thru all, from the very begining, each time you read one in depth.

5 years ago
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