"Puoi dimostrare come suonare il violino?"

Translation:Can you demonstrate how to play the violin?

September 21, 2014


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Suonare vs. giocare (to play): Giocare (checkers, chess, cards, tennis, soccer, other sports) Suonare (piano, violin, guitar, other musical instruments)

June 29, 2015


On the slow version 'tuonare ( to thunder )' is said instead of 'suonare'


Why is " Are you able to show how to play the violin?" not correct also?


"are you able?" would be "sei capace?")


OK in this question "come" (how) is used; but in an earlier question ("Sai guidere un l'automobile?" - "Do you know how to drive a car?"), it's not used. Is this because "come" has to be used before a verb?


There are three verbs in this exercise. I suppose "dimostrare" needs "come" before another verb. On the other hand no preposition is needed by "potere" and "sapere" before another verb and by guidare before a noun:

  • Puoi dimostrare come suonare il violino? = Can you demonstrate how to play the violin?
  • Sai guidare un'automobile? = Do you know how to drive an automobile?


Is there any difference between the use of suonare vs. sonare? Are they fully interchangeable?


It's the same word actually. Suonare (with "u") is better, sonare (without "u") is archaic or regional.


Why do they not accept "the violin?" It seems to me that "il"would make that interpretation corrct.


On 2/18/16, the correct answer included "the" for the 'place the words in the correct order' exercise. Maybe it's been fixed since you encountered the problem, or I got a different type of question.


Can you understand that you could be incorrect in your critique of this response.

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