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Impossible to strengthen some categories?

It seems impossible for me to strengthen some categories, for example "Politics" in Spanish and "Places" in Danish. Does anyone else have the same problem? And do you know if it is a bug or if should be that hard to make a category golden again? It does not even help if I go through the category without any mistakes.

September 21, 2014



I have the same problem with "Places" and "Objects" in Danish. I have to strengthen them every day and sometimes even though I get all the answers right I have to repeat the strengthening to make them become golden. It wouldn't even bother me if that made me practise all the words of the skill, the problem is that the same ones keep coming in every lesson, the same kind of exercise, and seeing them pop up every time even though I get them right is kind of annoying. I don't know why it happens, though.

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Yes this is exactly the same for me! I have just strengthened places and it took 5 or 6 times to get it golden again. The following words were asked in each attempt: øen, boulevarden, køkkenet, grænsen, hjørnet, torvet, kontoret. It is inefficient.


Thanks, adri_f! It seems like we are having exactly the same problem. I also have to practise the same words every time. I could probably type "boulevarden", "torvet" and "kontoret" in my sleep :).


I have the same problem but only with some words (the shoe, the hat, the suit and the marriage). I have to strengthen them every time I strengthen my skills.


Thanks all! Well, this has to be a general problem then. I wonder if it is a computer programming bug or a language course bug. Do you know the best way to report it or at least to ask someone responsible?

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