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  5. "What is popular?"

"What is popular?"

Translation:Hvad er populært?

September 21, 2014



Why can't it be "Hvad er populær?" ?


Populær is used for common-gender nouns:

"En populær mand" (a popular man)

"Er hunden populær?" (is the dog popular?)

"Maden er populær" (the food is popular

Populært is used for neuter-gender nouns:

"Huset er populært" (the house is popular)

"Et populært dyr" (a popular animal)

"Er navnet populært" (is the name popular?)

When the subject of a sentence doesn't indicate a gender, you use the neuter-gender. I don't know why this is (maybe someone else can explain), but here's an example:

Hvad er populært ('hvad) doesn't indicate a gender, so it's 'populært')

Hvilken er populær ('hvilken' indicates common-gender, so it's 'populær')

Hvilket er populært ('hvilket' indicates neuter-gender, so it's 'populært')


I think it's because an unidentified subject is interpreted as "Det" which is neuter.


THANK YOU! This explanation helps a lot.


Yes, that explanation helps a lot. I wouldn't have known otherwise. Maybe that information could be put in the tips.

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