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Bonjour! Having a hard time!!!! I need help, s'il vous plaît!!

I am having a hard time figuring out what object is masculine and what is feminine! A book is male female whereas a newspaper is male. How ???? Please help me out, por favor.

June 6, 2013



There are some endings that indicate the gender of words a bit.

But in many cases there are exceptions.

See: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/genderpatterns.htm

You always have to learn the gender of words with the word.

Learn 'le pain' and 'la voiture' instead of just 'pain' and 'voiture'.


I agree. Same goes for Italian "la tigre". >.<


there's not really a way, you just have to know it because there's no special ending. by the way a book is masculine ! un livre


Not sure about French, but in Spanish and Italian most feminine words end with an "a", while masculine ones end in "o"; with some exceptions =D Maybe the same applies to French?


Generally not in French, you can try to learn "masculine" and "feminine" endings but there are so many exceptions it would be a waste of time! Best to go with Gumul's advice and learn the word with the article ("le" or "la" and "un" or "une"), in time you wont have to think about it, saying "la pain" in your head will start to sound awkward and you'll know its wrong. In the meantime, just let Duolingo tell you when you're wrong, eventually you will need to remember to get through the levels! :D bonne chance!


I try not to think of it as masculine and feminine, that label is just pointless and distracting since it never makes sense anyway. I just think to myself, well wouldn't it sound strange if I said 'An Tree' and 'A Apple'. I hate the noun genders as much as the next bloke, but I have to admit, once you have heard them enough, you find yourself not thinking about it. Unfortunately, only English and Dutch to my knowledge have grown out of this madness :)

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