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"Han siger at han drikker for at glemme."

Translation:He says that he drinks to forget.

September 21, 2014



Stuff just got real.


I cant seem to find a pattern between the use of- til at glemme - for at glemme and at glemme. A lot of the sentences have these phrases and I cant seem to figure out when to use for/til or just leave it as plane 'at'. And before you ask- yes- I read the FAQs, rebooted the computer after turning it off for ten seconds, tried windows troubleshooter, i googled, checked den danske ordbog, called the NHS and was put on hold with vivaldi for 30 minutes before they hung up on me, tried reddit and quora and pinterest. i also sacrificed a goat to satan. none of it has worked yet. :-{( ....... any help would be welcome.


I am no expert so don't take my word for it, but perhaps the "for at" combo is used whenever you have a situation where something happened in order that something else could happen, He says he drinks, in order to forget, or to forget, but one thing happened in order for something else to happen. Just a wild guess. Actually I just checked on this hypothesis with a good friend who is a native Dane, and she says that this is exactly so when using the format for at. I hope that helps a bit. Also til at seems to be used when someone is about to do something.


vi er det samme, han og jeg. også, nogle af disse sætninger er meget deprimerende wow. måske, Duo har havde en dårlig dag, når skriver disse? haha


Is the correct pronunciation of 'at' depending on its meaning, on the words used before and/or after it, ...?


This is the second time I have seen for at glemme used in an example. The first time was yesterday when I came across the sentence Dyr er nødvendige for at producere kød. I translated this sentence has, Animals are necessary in order to produce meat. This was rejected for Animals are necessary to produce meat. To me this was splitting hairs as it basically means the same thing, and the prompts even gave this as an valid translation for "for at". As I could not find any explanation in the discussion section, I asked my friend Ingerlise who is a native Dane, and former Danish and German teacher in Kolding Denmark. She told me that my initial translation was fine. Therefore it should also be fine to say, He says that he drinks in order to forget. They both mean the same thing really. This needs to be changed by the programers.

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