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"Han siger at han drikker for at glemme."

Translation:He says that he drinks to forget.

September 21, 2014



Stuff just got real.


I cant seem to find a pattern between the use of- til at glemme - for at glemme and at glemme. A lot of the sentences have these phrases and I cant seem to figure out when to use for/til or just leave it as plane 'at'. And before you ask- yes- I read the FAQs, rebooted the computer after turning it off for ten seconds, tried windows troubleshooter, i googled, checked den danske ordbog, called the NHS and was put on hold with vivaldi for 30 minutes before they hung up on me, tried reddit and quora and pinterest. i also sacrificed a goat to satan. none of it has worked yet. :-{( ....... any help would be welcome.


vi er det samme, han og jeg. også, nogle af disse sætninger er meget deprimerende wow. måske, Duo har havde en dårlig dag, når skriver disse? haha

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