Weekly Incubator Update: Tracking Progress from September 14th to September 21st

The Italian for Spanish course has hatched. Congratulations to the IT<-ES team for starting their beta. Please read their team update below. If you are not yet ready for reading Spanish or Italian, Samsta has translated the content to English below.

The new language courses have taken off in earnest. As promised, I would like to talk about two races (all in good spirit) happening in the Incubator.

\1. The Asian gang is continuing with the quest to complete the beta run. Last time we had talked about this rivalry, we had these teams in contention - Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian. All seem to be in the same league in terms of their course progress metrics.

So what is new? Well, with over two and a half million learners, the Chinese course is all set to become the ninth most widely used Duolingo course, even though it is still in the beta phase.

More interestingly, one of my incubator friends (guess who?) dutifully informed me that the Vietnamese course now has more number of learners than the Hindi course. Hearty congratulations to them! :)

It will be very interesting to see in what order these teams for the Asian languages complete their beta phase. Arabic can be included in this race as well.

\2. Meanwhile the agglutinative languages - Turkish & Hungarian have been moving neck to neck. This week the Turkish team has an upper hand with a two point lead.

Talking of races, Cupertino in California has beaten Stuttgart, Germany by 26 cars! Well, I am talking about the interesting event I witnessed last Saturday where a new Guinness record for the largest Electric Vehicle paraded got created. 60% cars seemed to be Nissan Leafs (or Leaves? :), 10% seemed to be Teslas followed by a wide variety. There were a few BMW i3s, a solar car from Holland and also an Alfa Romeo retrofitted with battery power.

Back to work, here are the latest numbers.

PHASE 1 Progress:

Italian for Spanish - 98% | 100% | 100% | BETA

English for Czech - 89% | 89% | 91% | 94% (+3)

Swedish for English - 75% | 83% | 85% | 87% (+2)

Italian for French - 44% | 57% | 67% | 75% (+8) *

English for Thai - 71% | 71% | 73% | 73% (+0)

Russian for English - 38% | 39% | 40% | 40% (+0)

German for Turkish - 34% | 34% (+0)

Turkish for English - 18% | 18% | 18% | 21% (+3) ^

Hungarian for English - 17% | 18% | 18% | 19% (+1) ^

French for Portuguese - 12% | 14% (+2)

Esperanto for English - 4% | 9% (+5)

Polish for English - 7% | 7% | 7% | 7% (+0)

German for Italian - 3% | 7% (+4)

Romanian for English - 4% | 4% | 6% | 6% (+0)

Ukrainian for English - 0% | 0% | 1% | 1% (+0)

Average Weekly Progress: +1.85% | 2.45% | 2.60% | 1.87%

* This week's Leader Extraordinaire
^ The Turkish & Hungarian teams' progress is per their own calculation.

Progress Visualized:

Here are the updates from the contributing teams posted during the last week:

Remy the course mentor for IT<-ES wrote 5 days ago:

FrantzBG is now a contributor in the IT<-FR course! (Sept. 15, 2014)

Welcome to FrantzBG, the new IT<-FR course contributor!

FrantzBG from Team IT<-ES wrote 5 days ago:

Hi guys !

I'm really excited to be part of the it-fr duolingo team !

Just give me a moment to understand how it works so I can quiclky help you guys work on the project !

Thanks for the welcoming :)

See you very soon ;)

ElOtroMiqui from Team IT<-ES wrote 5 days ago:

¡Acaba de llegar el quinto idioma para hablantes de español!

Después de meses de trabajo, ¡finalmente terminamos el curso! Ahora Duolingo en español cuenta con 5 idiomas.

A pesar de que prometimos que añadiríamos lecciones extra, no las pudimos agregar por falta de herramientas. ¡Pero las añadiremos en un futuro cercano!

Debido a que nuestro curso apenas salió hoy, es probable que algunas frases tengan errores. Cuando sea así, no duden en reportarlo y lo corregiremos.

Y por último, ¡gracias a todos los usuarios que han mostrado interés en el curso!

itastudent from Team IT<-ES wrote 5 days ago:

Ed ecco il quinto idioma per madrelingua spagnoli!

Dopo mesi di lavoro, finalmente abbiamo concluso il corso! Ora la versione in spagnolo di Duolingo ha 5 lingue.

Nonostante la nostra promessa di aggiungere lezioni extra, non le abbiamo potute aggiungere per motivi tecnici. Tuttavia le aggiungeremo presto!

Essendo il nostro corso uscito solo oggi, è possibile che alcune frasi contengano errori. In tal caso, non esitate a segnalarli e provvederemo a correggerli.

E infine, un grazie a tutti gli utenti che hanno mostrato il loro interesse per questo corso!

alexinIreland from Team Irish wrote 4 days ago:

Beta Week 4: Smooth Sailing

Dia daoibh!

So, it has been a few weeks since our course was released to beta and we hope you are really enjoying it!

The bugs and kinks that are always experienced at the beginning of the beta phase have been fixed and we have worked hard in getting our report numbers down a lot. Here is our current report numbers graph. (As you can see we are at an all time low of 5.75 per 100 users)

These report numbers will continue to fluctuate for some time, but as you can see, we are doing well. If you have any questions, feel free to post on the stream of a member of Team Irish!

hideki who has newly joined the Japanese team as the course moderator posted on the Japanese forum yesterday:

ご挨拶(日本語チームに参加しました/Joined the Japanese Team)

こんにちは、今週からDuolingo日本語チームに加わりました、@hideki と申します。

母語は日本語で、生まれてから大学を出るまで日本(東京)に住んでいました。それ以降は米国に在住しています。 Duolingoがより良い語学学習プラットフォームになるよう頑張っていきたいと思いますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします!

(Since some of you are reading this discussion expecting a Japanese course for English speakers or using the current course for learning Japanese, I'll also write in English.)

Hi there, I'm @hideki who has just joined the Japanese team as one of mentors, starting from this week!

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I lived there until finishing my bachelor, and then I've moved to the US and have lived here for about a decade. I'll work hard to make this course even more active and useful!

hideki san, please consider posting your next updates also on the Japanese course page. (I caught this through the watchful eyes of none other than Usagiboy7)!

Selcen_Ozturk from Team Turkish wrote 3 hours ago:

Hello everyone! We are progressing slowly and hope to progress faster soon :) We now have 420 words - as we think of releasing the course around 2000 words, that makes about 21%. We now also have a detailed plan of how we want to proceed therefore things should go faster soon!

Nitram15 from Team Hungarian worte 3 hours ago:

Progress Update 2014/09/21


I've been ill this week which obviously means slowdown on my part... But the team is busy and we progressed quite a bit this week. :) Today our number for completed words is 1616, which is +63 words compared to last week's number. Yay!

AAAAND, the percentage is .... 19%! Almost, almost at 20! :D What's more, we are almost done with our current chapter (Chapter 7), which is a very difficult one, given that it consists of possessives...

I guess that's all for today, have a nice Sunday everybody.

See you next week!

Team Hungarian

jitengore from Team Hindi from a few minutes ago:

Beta Week 22: Course progress

प्रिय दोस्तों!

आपके सहयोग से पिछले 22 सप्ताहों से हमारी टीम इस पाठ्यक्रम को बेहतर बनाने हेतु सलग्न है। हमारे द्वारा दिये गए अनुवादों के संबंध में अपनी सलाहें भेजना जारी रखें। हमें उम्मीद है कि शीघ्र ही हमारा पाठ्यक्रम बीटा चरण पूर्ण कर डुओलिंगो के तीसरे चरण की सूची में शामिल होगा। इस सुखद यात्रा का लेखा-जोखा नीचे दिखाया गया है।

साप्ताहिक पाठ्यक्रम प्रगति - Weekly Course Progress.


TL;DR The Italian for Spanish course is now in the beta phase and the new entrants to the incubator are making good progress. Four more courses could possibly start their beta phase before the end of the next month.

The next update is expected on Sunday, 28th of September at 4:00 pm UTC.

Previous Update 7-Sep to 14-Sep

September 21, 2014


Wow! Esperanto is really coming on! I've just decided that I will probably try and learn it for its bridge language goodness, so this is encouraging. :)

September 21, 2014

Nice progress! Spanish now has all 5 original languages!

September 21, 2014

Here's the English translation of ElOtroMiqui's post (in Spanish) from above for whoever's curious:

The fifth language for Spanish speakers has just arrived!

After months of work, we have finally finished the course! Now Duolingo in Spanish has 5 languages.

Despite the fact that we promised to add extra lessons, we couldn't because we didn't have the tools. But we will add them in the near future!

Due to the fact that the course was just released today, there will probably be some sentences that have problems. If you find any, please report them, and we will correct them.

And finally, thanks to all the users who have showed their interest in the course!

(itastudent's post in Italian says the same thing.)

September 21, 2014

Thanks For translating, Samsta!

Would someone preferably from outside the contributing team, and without the help of Google Translate, like to translate the Hindi version to English?

September 21, 2014

Increasing the stakes for this... :)

The translation from Hindi to English should sound natural and hence should not be word to word. First entry to pass the review by the Hindi team will earn 25 lingots and praise and respect from the Duolingo community!

September 22, 2014

Sorry. I didn't mean to repeat anything.

September 21, 2014

What are you sorry for? I just wanted to translate it to English so everyone could understand it. I responded to you because it was related to what you were saying.

September 21, 2014

Super-impressed with the Spanish teams! Would love Arabic from Spanish. :)

September 21, 2014

We know. ;)

*Jiten: Thanks again for the update! Progress was a little slower this week, but nice to see a fresh "face" with Esperanto on the list!

September 21, 2014

Can't wait for English from Czech to be finished so that they can start working on Czech for English.

September 21, 2014

I know right!!! I badly want to learn Czech XD I still should be working on German though..

October 28, 2014

Thanks for picking up my post, Jiten-san :) I'll make sure to write something in the incubator "updates" page by the next Weekly Incubator Update!

September 21, 2014

You're welcome, hideki san! Sounds like a plan. Please accept a couple of lingots for posting your update. I know thousands of English speaking Duolingoers including me, are eager to see the reverse course that will teach Japanese.


September 21, 2014

I'm glad that Japanese course is finally doing something. Hopefully a bit longer until it is out of beta!

September 21, 2014

Thanks, Jiten. :) Go Italian for French speakers! I can hardly wait for the reverse!

September 21, 2014

I'd like to add that there are 2 new contributors to the Polish course. Let's hope they do great.

September 22, 2014

You're like a news incubator, Jiten. :)

September 21, 2014

You might have misplaced the "*" for the second leader. Esperanto has 5% vs 2% of "French for Portuguese", which you have marked.

September 21, 2014

Yes, thanks (and lingots) for letting me know :) It is fixed.

September 21, 2014

There seems to be a bug with editing the posts. I have tried several times, but I am not able to edit the post to add the contributing teams updates :(

I will have to test as to which course update is not being liked :)

Please stay tuned...

September 21, 2014

OK! the first line from the update from FrantzBG that has "it<fr" was causing the failure of the edit operation!

Would someone from Team Duolingo please check and advise?

September 21, 2014

Another quick update... The course updates are now complete after I modified the "it<fr" to ""it-fr" on that courses update. But now I have to step out and will work on it some more in a few hours.

Thanks for your patience!

September 21, 2014

Finally, I was able to compete this week's update! Please revisit the page to read it.

September 22, 2014

I don't know if this was posted on the English forums or not, but Spanish for french speakers has also entered into phase 3 this week! Here is the post in french

September 22, 2014

Thanks for posting this weeks update Jiten! As for spotting the Japanese Team's update, I'm certain someone pointed it out to me. I feel terribly embarrassed being unable to recall who it was. ごめんなさい! m( )m

@Nitram15 I hope you are feeling better! gives you a chicken noodle soup (cookie)

Good luck everyone!! がんばりましょう! (^o^)/

September 22, 2014

"2. Meanwhile the agglutinative languages - Turkish Hungarian have been moving neck to neck. This week the Turkish team has an upper hand with a two point lead."

Haha although it might seem like a race between us, it can be hardly called a fair competition... Let's put it this way: we have to complete approximately 80 words to progress 1% because we plan approximately 8000 words (you know, it's just the agglutination, nothing special) while the Turkish (who seemed to follow a similar discipline but I highly doubt they still do...) plan to add ~2000 words [1], so they need to complete merely 20 words to progress 1%. That said, our 1% progress equals 4% of their progress...

September 22, 2014

that's true. But as we know now that soon we can expand our trees easily (tree-editing function), we don't want to keep people waiting too long. We can first release a shorter version (which is actually not so short, typical duolingo trees are 1900-2500 words) and continue working on the expansion. Also our teaching approaches are not exactly the same I think.

September 22, 2014

Interesting! You'll definitely "win" this "race" then :P

September 22, 2014

haha hopefully. actually now we have several contributors but again they all spend really little time in the incubator at the moment. I hope they get motivated soon :)

September 22, 2014

And now my reactions to each one: Swedish- Oh. That's interesting. Russian- Huh. I suppose it's moving. A bit. Turkish. That's great! Excited! Hungarian- Oh. That's great! Can't wait until the percent on the front page is actually the accurate one! ;) Esperanto- Wow, I'm impressed! Polish- Oh. Well, its good it haas a new contributor! Ukrainian. Well. I don't really mind having to wait. I wasn't thinking about learning it. Romanian- PLEASE MOVE SOON!!!!!!! Otherwise I'll make THIS FACE:

September 21, 2014

You can always try the English course for Romanian speakers.

September 22, 2014
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