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  5. "No one wants it."

"No one wants it."

Translation:Ingen vil have den.

September 21, 2014



can anyone tell me, what is wrong with "det" instead of "den" at the end of the sentence?


I am not sure why - a Danish friend said that det was fine


I believe it should be accepted too; there is no noun whose gender we must follow.


as we don't know what it refers to , the first answer should be DET and also acceptable is DEN


why not add 'gerne' before 'have'


I also added gerne and got it wrong. I was surprised that your question had not been answered... so, I am bumping it as I also need the clarification


I'm lost when to use "vil have" and when to use "ønsker"

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ønske means wish, it is more hypothetical


But in this particular case "wish" would also fit, without knowing the context.


Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought ønsker sig was wish and just ønsker was want. Please correct me if this is not the case.


Would the ending on "ingen" which is paired with "den" have to be changed to "inget" to use "det" instead of den like "ingen vil have den" or "inget vil have det" and could gerne be added to both making "ingen vil gerne have den" or "inget vil gerne have det" also be correct? Are these four potential answer correct or not and why?


I tried it with Inget, didn't work well. I guess that Ingen does not depend on Gender. However, I like go check it my book, The Comprhensive Book of Danish Grammer.

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