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"Como la relación de un niño con su padre"

Translation:Like the relationship of a boy with his father

5 years ago



like the relation between a boy and his father.......

5 years ago


"Between" would translate as "entre", and there is no "entre" in the original sentence.

5 years ago

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True, but as Kencito says, "are we translating words or meaning?" (They've taken away the dates on the comments, so I can't tell whether yours was before or after Kencito's.)

Distinguishing "the relationship of a boy with his father" and "the relationship between a boy and his father" suggests that a relationship can be only one way.

I knew that the Spanish sentence said "of a boy with his father", but I automatically translated it as "between a boy and his father" because that is I think of relationships.

Does the Spanish sentence really mean something different from "between a boy and his father"?

4 years ago


I agree. the fundamental question is"Are we translating words or meaning?"

4 years ago


"a boy with his father", fine, but "a child with Its father", also fine. In the case of a subject pronoun where the child might be either a boy or a girl, "he" would be employed. In the possessive case with gender not known, and in reference to children, "its" is usual.

5 years ago


It's generally not accepted to use "its" in English when talking about a person. "His" is usually employed when gender is unknown, or sometimes "his or her."

5 years ago