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Learning a language in two different ways

I'm brazilian, therefore my mother language is portuguese. Before i hear about Duolingo I was practically fluent in english. So now i had to find a way to learn other language and i choose spanish. For that, I had to choose the option that says "I know english" that actually was right for me. While I was studying spanish "through" english I realized that there was a few things that i just forgot about english and I wanted to review that. So i went to the options and changed my learning language for "Quiero aprender inglés (yo sé español)", so that i could better review english while better reviewing the lessons of spanish (hit two birds with one stone). The problem is that when I change the learning language, all my profile changes. For example... my friends can't see that I'm at certain level in spanish while I'm learning english through spanish. I came here with this discussion because I saw a lot of profiles that shows every language that they are learning on Language Levels when they learn through english. That would be great if it could be shown Language Levels of who does the same that I.

Thanks :)

June 6, 2013

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I'm Mexican currently improving English and newbie at Italian, so I have to learn italian as an english speaker, also I think my friends just see the last one I have configured in that moment.

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