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  5. "I can teach you everything."

"I can teach you everything."

Translation:Jeg kan lære dig alt.

September 21, 2014



I might be wrong on this one. However, I was always thinking that lære meant learning rather than teaching. Wouldn't undervise be more correct here as it means teach? A clarification would be more than welcome. :)

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Nogen lærer nogen noget = Someone teaches someone something/Jeg lærer jer dansk = I'm teaching you (all) Danish
Nogen lærer noget = Someone learns something/Jeg er ved at lære dansk = I'm learning Danish
In Danish, the word for "teach" and "learn" can both be "lære", it's just a matter of whether there is a second person involved or not (although it's not always the case, but just a general rule)
According to Den Danske Ordbog


Guess I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for the answer. :)


So, if the object is people (whether it's a pronoun or just an object) then 'lære' means 'to teach' while the object is a thing then it would translate as 'to learn'?


... while if the object...


I think "undervise" is more like "instruct".


For those wondering, it is just like the french word "apprendre", whose meaning varies depending on the subject


"I taught you everything you know, but not everything I know" hehehe

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