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Remove the Followers

How can we remove the followers ?

June 6, 2013



I don't want to remove followers, just limit what they can see on my profile.


There should be a way to remove followers. Some people don't like strangers to be able to see their conversations with other. I think if you post directly to someone only they should be to see it.


Now, everyone can see anything you post to anyone by just going to your stream. There are no private messages yet, so if you write something too personal to anyone, be aware it can be read by others even if they don't follow you.


Can I get the people who are following me to delete me from their friends list for good


Now following =D


I accidently added a stranger! I need to remove him/her!!!!


Click on the follower's icon in your "Leaderboard", then on the follower's page there will be a small dimmed "gear" icon. Click on it to block the followers.


I DON'T want to be followed except by people I approve, it is so creepy to find strangers following you all the time, I have recently spent some time going through and blocking people - I don't want to offend them by blocking them but there appears to be no other way of doing it at the moment. Please give us better privacy Duolingo!


The other comments on this page are all very old. Back then, everyone had an "activity page" where we could communicate directly with our followers (and vice-versa). That feature was removed two years ago, so the "follow" button is just a token of appreciation since none of your "followers" can see what you are doing nor discuss directly with you.


Since you have 1 friend and 6 other followers, I believe your question is just a matter of principle. For my part, I have 286 friends/followers (everytime I am informed that s.o. follows me, I register him/her as a friend, as a tribute to their trust in me), and only once I was kindly told that the amount of my activities was actually over-burdening that person's stream, which was a good enough reason for not wanting to follow me any longer. I have never tried to unfollow anyone, so your question and Olimo's answer brought me new info. Thanks for that.


Before I say how, keep in mind that there isn't an option to block them on mobile. Unfortunately, it has to be done on a computer.

If you are on a computer, click on the follower's profile.

Look at their name. A few inches to the right there is a small gear, like a "Settings" gear. Click on it and move your mouse to the left so it is hovering over "block (user)".

Click "block (user)". You will notice it will say "unblock (user)". If it says this, then they are blocked and no longer following you.

Note: if it still says block user, then you might've clicked the wrong thing. To clarify, you DO NOT click the gear. You hover over (you may have to hard-click it depending on the computer's settings) and AFTER you see "block (user)" then you click the actual words that say "block (user)".

If it still doesn't work or the gear isn't there, you might have to try the webpage.

If you are on the webpage, LOOK CLOSELY!

IT IS ON THE SAME LINE AS THE FOLLOWER'S NAME. THE SETTING GEAR IS TO THE RIGHT OF THE USERNAME. Keep in mind, it is small and light gray, so turn up your brightness.

If you are absolutely certain it's gone, reload the webpage (you might even to have reload it a couple of times).

Still doesn't show? Switch browsers. Go to Chrome or Safari or Fox or something.

STILL gone? Make sure your computer is up to date. If it's not, then I would (obviously) update. If your computer IS up to date, then restart it.

STILL not working??

Contact whomever made your computer. Ask them online or call them.

Good luck!

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