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Flashcard error reporting

I've noticed quite a few mistakes in the "Words" / flashcards feature. It would be nice to either:

A) let the community suggest an edit which gets approved by a moderator; or less ideally

B) have a "report error" button which will let the moderator fix it themselves manually

Examples of mistakes:

  • "entre" (French) being shown as "from" in English instead of the French word being "between"
  • "couleur" (French) being shown as "paint" in English instead of the French word being "peinture"
  • "cousine" (French) being shown as "I am on familiar terms" instead of "cousin" lol...
  • There are even some cross-language errors such as showing me the name "Pedro" in English (even though it's a Spanish name) and then the French version being "Pierre" whereas they should have showed me "Peter" initially.
September 21, 2014



There are some errors in Spanish flashcards as well. Ex. Botas (Spanish) is shown as 'launch' in English, Nada (Spanish) is shown as 'anything'


Wiktionary shows the verb "cousiner" as meaning "to get along; to get on well". But yeah, that shouldn't be on Duolingo as the primary meaning of the word. For some reason they can't get the flashcards/word review right.


Nice catch! Very confusing...


The flashcards are showing me Italian words I haven't even learned yet. I also had conosciamo as the translation of we meet when it should be we know. Lots of problems with it...


I've just come across an error in the Italian for English Flashcards and was wondering where to report it. So, a report error button would be great.

Edit: I have found more errors, and as such I'm not going to use Flashcards in Italian as I'll end up putting wrong words/translations into my poor overcrowded brain. Instead, I'll continue to use my own Anki decks, as these reflect much better what words I do and do not know.


I second this. In the German French course there are some really strange translations as well.

One example would be 'lit'. In the course, it was introduced as the third form of 'lire' (to read). 'Lit' also translates to 'bed' (Bett in German)

The card however shows 'bettes' as translation which makes no sense at all.

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