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"Cuirtear fáinne sa bhairín breac."

Translation:A ring is placed in the barmbrack.

September 21, 2014



A barmbrack is a yeasted bread, speckled with sultanas (golden raisins) and raisins (dark raisins).


Looked it up.

Holy moley it looks delicious.


Bíonn sé ceart go leor as an siopa ach is fearr liom úr.


I find it slightly dry but it's delicious toasted with Irish butter on a November morning.


Wikipedia says it's a quick bread, and the first couple recipes that come up in an online search agree, listing baking powder as the leavening agent.


The speckled loaf


Barmbrack is also part of an Irish Halloween custom. The Halloween barmbrack traditionally contained various objects (a stick, a pea, a small coin, a piece of cloth and a ring). baked into the bread and was used as a kind of fortune-telling game.


How's the game work?


Trying to remember how it went - if you got the coin in your slice of breac, you would be the first of your siblings to get rich. If you got the ring, you would get engaged first. The stick was - I think - like getting coal in your Christmas stocking. I forget the symbolic meaning of the other tokens.

BTW breac means speckled.


Ring = You'll be married first Coin = You'll be rich Stick (often a match (with the head removed)) = You'll be beaten (by your spouse) Pea = Money troubles

Also: Everybody takes a turn at stirring when making it...and makes a wish.


correct if i'm wrong but i'm not sure if anyone in ireland (people from where i am certainly don't) call it barmbrack. It's only known as bairín breac or just breac to me


Depends where you live! In English it can be called either brack or barmbrack (or sometimes barnbrack).


They say barmbrack in ulster :P


I never noticed before how it was spelled and only realised now bairín breac isn't the english word for it


Breack or "Brack" san iarthar.


Barmbrac in Dublin.


I always called it barmbrack.


I used to just adore brambrack. My aunt would make it. I miss her :(


I said "put" in the barmbrack and got an incorrect. Ridiculous! I'm sure my mother and my grandmother never thought they were "placing" the ring in the barmbrack!


I agree. "Placing" sounds like cutting a slot in the baked brack and placing the ring inside to me. In my experience the ring (and whatever else) is put into the dough and baked into the cake.


"put into" is better than "put in" the barmbrack.


Whether "put into" is better English than "put in" is a matter of debate - they are both grammatically correct English, with a slightly different meaning.

But "put into" is not a valid translation of Cuirtear fáinne sa bhairín breac. If the exercise was Cuirtear fáinne isteach sa bhairín breac then "A ring is put into the brack" would be correct.


is there a reason breac is not lenited


There is nothing to cause breac to be lenited.

Lenition and Eclipsis have to be caused by something. If there is no cause, there is no Lenition or Eclipsis.


I was born and raised in the north of Ireland and I think this is the first time I have ever come across the word "barmbrack".

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