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  5. "De kinderen eten rijst."

"De kinderen eten rijst."

Translation:The children eat rice.

September 21, 2014



Hey, just so you all know - I put in "The kids eat rice" and it worked!


Is there a pattern to when to use "ee" in a word and when to use only one "e"? Or is it just kind of a thing one has to learn to rember?


Could you give me an example?


well, for example eet and eten or leest and lezen. is it one for singular and the other for plural?


The rules:

  • The verb needs two syllables.
  • When split, one part is left with a long vowel sound: LO-PEN - E-TEN - LE-ZEN

Those are the verbs you need to look out for when you're confused about double vowels.

If you look at a word like rennen (to run), you'll see that while it consists of two syllables, it doesn't leave an exposed vowel when split: REN-NEN. It will therefore be ik ren/jij rent/hij rent, not ik reen/jij reent/hij reent.

Here's some more that follow that same rule:

  • Lo-pen (to walk)
  • Le-zen (to read)
  • E-ten (to eat)
  • Hu-ren (to rent)
  • Spre-ken (to speak)
  • Pra-ten (to talk)
  • Sla-pen (to sleep)

After that, the conjugation is always the same:

  • Stem: Ik loop
  • Stem + t: Jij loopt
  • Stem + t: Hij/Zij/Het loopt
  • Whole verb: Wij lopen
  • Whole verb: Jullie lopen
  • Whole verb: Zij lopen

Or "huren" (to rent) for example:

  • Ik huur
  • Jij huurt
  • Hij/Zij/Het huurt
  • Wij huren
  • Jullie huren
  • Zij huren

I hope this makes sense! Happy learning!


That is perfect, thank you so much!


that's actually great help. thanks so much! all is beginning to make sense ^^


Every language starts with:


I type "the kids" instead of "the children". Got it incorrect.


Why do we don't say "the children eats rice" in stead of "eat"


We don't say "The children eats" because children is plural.
I eat
you eat
he eats
we eat
y'all eat
they eat
Children would fall under "they".

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