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[Feature Request] Let every correct solution be read out loud after the question.

Hey, really good job with Duolingo so far, I really like it!

Nevertheless, I'm a very audio-focused student and I think I'm not alone here, so what about an option in the settings "read out loud every solution"?

I can already listen to the "Listen and type in " questions, but I think adding this option to every kind of question would be even better :)

June 6, 2013



I also like to hear the correct pronunciation in all cases. Did you realize that you can hear the pronunciation for every sentence on a case by case basis? It takes two extra mouse clicks. First answer the question and click the "check" button. Then click the "discuss sentence" button that appears. Then click the speaker icon that appears in the discussion popup window. [Unfortunately the speaker icon doesn't seem to work in some cases. This seems to be a bug in Duolingo.]


Wow didn't know that. Thanks! Obviously this is only a work around (a very helpful though).


I completely agree. I love duolingo but would like more options built in for listening and repeating more. I often click through to "discuss sentence" JUST to be able to listen to the phrase or sentence. I would LOVE for the button to play the sentence to be located on the front page, so I don't have to click through all the time. Please please please??


I agree, hearing even more would be better. Another thing that might be helpful is being shown other possible correct answers even when you get it right.


6 years and still not implemented? Please allow every "Speak" icon to work after answering a question, without having to first enter the Discussion to again hear Duolingo speak the phrase. Thanks.



You can do part of that for A) your selected multiple-choice answer option and B) for L1 English -> L2 target language (e.g. French) translations


On the (full desktop) web portal with the help of Camilo's userscript "Duolingo Tree Enhancer":


It also works for the shown alternative correct answer solutions at the bottom of the panel.

In another thread it was requested to be able to select each of the three multiple-choice options and to hear the audio; this is not yet implemented because of the nonsense in those other options.


I have to agree. I make a point of trying to vocalize the answer regardless of whether the program does it for me, but hearing the answer every time would be a great help in getting the pronunciation and rhythm of the words and sentences correct.


I agree, this is a really good suggestion. And thanks for the advice to hear it over the discussion button.

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