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  5. "We eat fish again tomorrow."

"We eat fish again tomorrow."

Translation:Vi spiser fisk igen i morgen.

September 22, 2014



Been a while since anyone asked and I do not see a good answer, is this exercise correct? Why does igen not come right after spiser?


So does anyone know when the adverb comes directly after the verb, and when it does not?


I think that depends on the meaning of the sentence. "Vi spiser fisk igen i morgen" means you are eating fish right now, and will do so again tomorrow - aka. "We eat fish again tomorrow". When you just want to say that you eat fish tomorrow, something you have already done in the past, or usually do on the weekday that is tomorrow, you'd say "Vi spiser igen fisk i morgen" - aka. "We again eat fish tomorrow" or "Tomorrow, we will again eat fish".


I do not know. I am nor an english speaker neither danish. Any answer would be appreciate here :)


I think this is wrong. Cause the adverb should be after the first verb. Vi spiser igen...

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