"Leggevano lo stesso giornale."

Translation:They were reading the same newspaper.

September 22, 2014



I was marked incorrect for writing "They were reading the same newspaper"

June 4, 2017


That's displayed as the correct answer above. What part of the sentence was marked as incorrect?

June 4, 2017


Where I typed newspaper, I got as a correction "They were reading the same papers"

June 5, 2017


Same here...

January 19, 2019


Why is it "lo stesso giornale" instead of "il stesso giornale"?

July 29, 2017


«Lo» replaces «il» when the next word starts…

  • With X or Z.
  • With Y, J or semivowel i (the three letters are pronounced as Y in English).
  • With S complicata (that is, "S+consonant").
  • With double consonant, always as long as the second consonant is not R or L (except when the first consonant is S).
  • With «ch» and the word comes from French. «Ch» in words taken from French are pronounced as «sh».

The plura form of «lo» is «gli».

«Uno» replaces «un» in the same cases.

«Gli» is also used along with «dèi» ("gods").

July 30, 2017


Because the article changes for euphony with the word immediately following. So it's "il giornale stesso" (note: that would be bad grammar, but this is just for an example), but it's "lo stesso giornale". Same thing would happen if you were going to so "il vecchio zio" vs. "lo zio vecchio".

July 29, 2017


Is "leggevano" with one "g" or two? I thought "legevano" is correct.

March 20, 2017


Always two. You'll start to instinctively figure out when to double up on "c", "g", "l", and "z", but there's no real flexibility there. Dropping or adding a letter can change the entire meaning of the word.

March 20, 2017
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