"Is cait iad."

Translation:They are cats.

September 22, 2014

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In school I was always taught to pronounce cait as "kaht"


The broad t of cat and the slender t of cait have different pronunciations.


I notice that with the Ulster dialect Cat sounds like caht and Cait sounds a bit like cahtch or catch

This marries nicely with my learning that Tír (Land) is pronounced a bit like cheer or tcheer


Are there different versions of Irish Duolingo for desktop computers? I feel like my version is missing the audio portion. Could you hear this example before you clicked on the comments?


Yes, I could hear the audio example before I clicked the on comments. When there is audio available there is a loudspeaker symbol on the left of the sentence. Sometimes when my internet connection is slow (or Duolingo's servers are overloaded, maybe) then the audio is not played at all or played with a delay.


My version didn't even have the loudspeaker symbol. Sometimes, I have to read Duo's mind. ;-)


Would it be wrong to say "those are cats"?


Yes; “Those are cats” would be Is cait iad sin (or Is cait iad siúd ).


I don't understand why this is necessarily "cait" rather than "cat"


Because 'cait' is the plural form of 'cat', and the plural is necessary to agree with 'iad', giving the meaning 'they are cats'. If you wanted to say 'she is a cat', for instance, you could use the singular 'cat', but you would also need a singular pronoun, 'í'.


so it would be "Is cat i" instead of "is cait iad?" Ok GRMA!!


The recording sounds to me as [kəıtj].

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