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Russian and Hungarian Courses

Jusy wondering, I notice that English for Russian speakers course is not stable yet but they have a 303% stability according to this website: http://moviemap.me/duoinc/

And Hungarian is 281% stable. Then, why are these courses still being in BETA?

By the way, Russian as well as Romanian and Polish are inactive; the courses are not currently being developed.

Well, russian has moved 2-4% monthly. Shady_arc and Larissa are the only ones who are still active from the Russian team. Do you guys need new contributors ??? And what is Duo staff going to do with the languages totally inactive ???

I am sorry if the contributors find this pressuring but there are many people like me who are very anxious about learning any of the languages mentioned in this post simply becuase they beautiful and interesting!!


September 22, 2014



That website is not official and it is just someone's calculation.

Why are they still in beta? Well simply the course contributors are not yet satisfied with the course for it to graduate. In particular I know the Russian team are waiting for some new technical tools in the incubator so that they can make some necessary changes to the course to improve it. They don't want to graduate from beta until they have made these changes and they can't make these changes until they have these new tools - which are currently being worked on by Duolingo staff and shouldn't be much longer :)

I'm not sure about Hungarian but I would guess it's either the same or the course isn't yet stable enough (that is the reports are still too high).

Russian and Romanian are not inactive at all they have some very active contributors. Polish isn't as active as it used to be but that is because the contributors have been busy.

Staff are very aware when teams are inactive. I am part of the Hindi team and we talk to our staff mentor every work day. When teams are inactive the staff talks to them and understands why and then if need be the staff will add more contributors when the time is right :)

Everyone is very keen for new courses just like you and that's a good thing but we simply have to be really patient because creating these course takes so much time and effort!


thank you _g9 for replying this post. You are right, I will be more patient for the courses since these languages are more dfficult to learn and need additional tools in order to be teached. :)

Good luck to all the contributors!

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