"Bhur bpost."

Translation:Your job.

September 22, 2014

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If your is plural, shouldn't jobs be plural?


It can be either one, really. In English we'd differentiate: "What is your guys' job?" would imply the speaker knows they are a team and should be working together.

"What are your guys' jobs?" would sort of be small talk to a larger group.

Without that context how can we know what to write accept to just learn the 'right' answer; which certainly shouldn't be the point.


i don't think it can be either one. isn't 'poist' the plural of 'post?' so, 'your jobs' with both 'your' in the plural and 'jobs' in the plural would be 'bhur bpoist,' right? in other words, both English and Irish differentiate:
- bhur bpost = your job
- bhur bpoist = your jobs

so, you can know what to write, even without that context.


I can see how the context could make a different translation possible, but Duolingo should, then, allow either one! Of course, there's nothing in the "Report" option to allow us to make that claim.....


no; not necessarily. a commander could tell the soldiers, 'your job is to take that hill.' plural your, singular job.

it's the same as saying 'your school' to a group of students who all attend the same school, versus 'your schools' to students who attend more than one school.


So, does lenition always occur after 'bhur'?


This is actually an eclipse, not a lenition. And, yes, if the starting letter can be eclipsed, it does occur.


I notice that when it comes to the "type what you hear" option, if you accidentally type the (correct) english translation on mobile it allows you to redo, but it marks it wrong on desktop.

I'd really appreciate a desktop redo feature since later in the lessions I like to try to do as many of these as I can with just the audio so I can improve my listening comprehension. Does anyone think this is a feature Duolingo would add?


It's a grand idea. I also wish we could go back and re-type our mistakes. Not for credit, but for the muscle memory of it.


Could this mean your mail (post) also?


It could mean “your post” in the sense of the service provided by a delivery organization, rather than “your mail” in the sense of items delivered through such a service. It could also mean “your (wooden) post”.


Post is another word for job

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