Translation:I drink.

September 22, 2014



I wrote 'I drink' and it is correct. But the point i do not understand is, it does not write 'Io bevo' i mean, how could it be?


drink (verb) = bere

i drink = (io) bevo

you drink = (tu) bevi

we drink = (noi) beviamo

As the verb conjugates based on the pronoun, the pronoun becomes redundant, and is left out except when used for stress.


Thank you that was Very CLEAR now i understand! ! Why dont they teach that first ???? Thank u for the help Ciao! Nicole


I just put 'drink' and got it wrong. I learned reading the comments that it's because conjugated it was "Bevo" but not conjugated it's "Bere". The problem is that we only learned the conjugated versions of verbs.

I never saw the word 'bere' until these comments so i think it can be an easy mistake


I wrote only drink . Why is it wrong ?


Because the postpended "o" means "i". The verb has been conjugated so that it specifically means "i drink."


So... this is like Spanish, where if you add the "o" at the end you don't have to add the "yo" at the end, but in this case "Io"?


I have the spanish connection aswell. Many languages base off from latin so to some extent they will be very similar


I wanna try to help. I noticed that many of you are very confused about the differences between "bevo", "bevi", "bere".

To drink = Bere

I drink = Io bevo You drink = Tu bevi He drinks = Lui beve She drinks = Lei beve We drink = Noi beviamo You drink = Voi bevete They drink = Loro bevono


Wouldn't it technically be "Io bevo" and "Bevo" is just a quicker way of saying it?


Whats the difference with bevo and il bevo. They both come out with 'i drink' on Duolingo. Is this correct?


Literally wrote "I drink". Counted it wrong because I didn't put the period. No other course or other answer has done that to me. Should be accepted.

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