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  5. "Renten er god nu."

"Renten er god nu."

Translation:The interest is good now.

September 22, 2014


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I do not understand this sentence. Does it mean the interest has been paid on a back account?


It means that "the interest rate is at a good level now".

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OK thanks :)

Then I think is should be translated "The interest rate is good now".


I agree: interest is the sum to pay, interest rate is the percentage of the remaining principal.


It accepts that as of May 2015


Could this refer to a product where people are now interested? Could this refer to an interest (ownership) in a business? Or does this strictly apply to interest on money?

[deactivated user]

    I assume that "renten" strictly applies to interest on money.


    Thank you. :)

    [deactivated user]

      Poor syntax in Danish and in English: this should be interest rate (interest and interest rate differ in Danish, German and English and cannot be used interchangeable, not even colloquially) - the correct term in Danish is rentesats (not just rent).


      In English, people often say "interest" colloquially to mean "interest rate" (nothing to do with syntax, it's terminology). I tried the sentence in Google Translate and it suggested "The interest rate is good now." as a second possible translation.


      I know this comment is old, but like Howard says below about the English "interest/interest rate", "Rente" is also used to express "rentesats".


      Another false friend for Germans. "Rente" in German refers to "pension" (the money old people receive after their work life).


      Where does Duo invest?

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