"Is it asking too much?"

Translation:È chiedere troppo?

June 6, 2013

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"È troppo da chiedere?" - totally wrong? and if it is, how?


I went for "è troppo a domandare?" - no good?


Hi Darien, I'm a bit confused by your comment and have been similarly confused by other people's comments on similar questions. I was looking at a page that asked me to "Mark all correct translations" -- so it was a multiple choice question. Your comment suggests you were asked to translate a text. Is the same text used by Duolingo for other questions. I'm just interested in how Duolingo is working.


Are you using the Duolingo app, gordon? I know that it has fewer direct translations than the computer version.


Hi Simon, No I don't use the DL app, I use the DL webpage on my laptop.


Okay, then. You probably just didn't get that sentence in the same form as Darien. Duolingo cannot give all sentences in every format all the time. Otherwise, lessons would be very long.


I guess "Sta domandando troppo?" was too literal a translation?


It's a question of the use of the infinitive as opposed to the gerund. I think "sta domandando" is "she/he is asking". You want the infinitive here.


In the lessons the correct answer was" e troppo da chiedere".

In the test they use al kind of different texts to make it harder to pass. And i bet if i followed all ten lessons i would never read 3 out of 10 questions they put in each test.


is it possible to say "e troppo a chiedere?

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