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Is there a possibility to somehow prepare for the quiz?

I'm currently learning Italian on duoling. I am a total beginner so I want to know if there are some lessons provided ( learning material ). Articels are hard to guess without previous knowledge. Thank you!

June 6, 2013

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Welcome to Duolingo...

Duolingo teaches a foreign language differently than most of our prior experiences.

First, I would recommend to think of the lessons NOT as "quizzes". They are lessons. Therefore, you are learning the material by doing them. Sometimes, you can take a lesson and get a pass on your first try. Sometimes, you have to take the lesson a few times. But, that's just practice. Each time, taking a lesson it will be different. (Duolingo is awesome with that.)

Second, there's quite a bit of information tucked away inside Duolingo. Mouse over the text. When I first try a lesson, I frequently mouse over because I'm learning. When I'm reviewing the material, I try to not mouseover.

Third, check out the discussions. There's a discussion tab and there are discussions tucked away specific to each lesson. And, there's discusssions specific to particular sentences used in a lesson. Often, others may have asked your question before and already had it answered. But, also, people will add helpful internet links to discussions.

The cool thing about Duolingo is that it doesn't spoon feed you the material. If you need additional material, yes, you have to look for it, but Duolingo always gives you the opportunity to figure it out on your own first. That way, once you've learned it, you've really learned it.

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