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"View Discussion" email links no longer working

When I receive the "Someone commented on..." emails and click the "View Discussion" link, I am just forwarded to my skill tree.

I verified the link is something along the lines of: "duolingo.com/#/comment/..." but on arriving at this page I'm forwarded to my skill tree (without even seeing page content).

This started very recently with no changes to my browser. Is there testing for a new discussion format or something? Thanks.

June 6, 2013



I can't replicate this :/ Can you please share the name of the discussion that is directing you back to the tree (look in the subject of the email you get notifying you have a comment update)? I'd like to make sure it's still an active discussion (which would mean you'd definitely need to be redirected to that discussion) upon clicking the link. Thanks!


It seems that not all of them have broken links. For example... I was able to get to this discussion from the email! However here's a broken link example I received today:


It's supposedly a link to the discussion on the sentence: "Je l'ai vue à la soirée." which was commented on by Bredouille, but when I click on it, I'm just redirected to my skill tree.

Another one that I received yesterday:


That is supposedly a link to the discussion on the sentence: "Je veux manger du poulet." which was commented on by scottej.

Both of these links think for a minute or two and then just forward me to my skill tree before loading any content. (I can try and find more if you'd like)


I've narrowed it down a bit. Apparently the emails that don't work (for me) have http://duolingo.com/#/comment/... The ones that do work are http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/...

So maybe it is just my browser, but I've never had this behavior before so I suspect it isn't a problem on my end.


Sorry to drop so many emails on you... I suspect it's actually a problem with my DNS or whatever you call it... I'm on a different network right now (which I should have mentioned before) so I might be running into my troubles there if the problem is related to the address I'm putting in.


@patlaf: probably it's just a screwed up session token. See here: http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/467754 Hope that helps.


Thanks for the response! Still running into the same problem...

I logged out, cleared all stored data (history, cookies,..), restarted my browser (Safari)... nothing still doing the same thing. So I switched [back] to Chrome and that seems to work fine.

I still find it strange that this seems to be a new problem in Safari. As I mentioned above I can reproduce what Dieta mentioned in the thread you linked to, but can't seem to fix whatever Safari is doing.

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