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Stuck in French Program

I am unable to access the program beyond the third level. I have posted the problem in another thread, sent an email, and now I am posting a new thread in hopes of a fix.

September 22, 2014



There are some suggestions here if you want to give them a try http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Troubleshooting

I hope that helps! If not though, make sure to edit your post and add what operating system and browser you are using when experiencing the problem. I'm not part of the tech team but Duolingo encounters different issues depending on the browser. So, it's always best to include it anytime you make a post on troubleshooting. :)


Thank you so much for your help! My operating system is Mac 10.6.8 and my browser is Chrome. I tried what was recommend and it still is stuck in the third level. I have also submitted an email for help, and received an acknowledgment about a week ago, but still no help from Duolingo.

I would love to continue with this program, but obviously cannot. I don't know what the tech team is doing in terms of how busy they are, but waiting weeks for help is not working for me.


On days like these, I really wish I had training as a tech. As for the actual tech team, they are usually mondo swamped because it is a very small crew for over 30 million users. I almost suggest resetting your course and starting over. You can take the placement test to recover any ground you lost through the reset. If you like to try that route, just click on your username where it appears in the blue bar at the top of the screen, then click "Settings" (Or just going here: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account). From there, click "Learning language". In light grey font, "Reset or remove languages". It is located under the blue button (If you can't see blue, it is the button that says "see all language courses" Don't click it though, look just under it.)

If this fixes it, will you let me know?


Great idea. I have done a reset and as I need a review since it has been a few weeks, I will just start over...and it is working to do that. I don't know yet if I can proceed beyond Level 3 this time, but I will report back if I can once I get there.

REALLY appreciate your help!


Good luck! :) PS I should have mentioned this earlier but I didn't even think of it. But, if you hadn't already, make sure to pay attention to the points bar between each level, because as you progress it takes more and more points to reach the next level. (It takes 4,000 new XP to make it from level 24 to level 25)

PS Here are some lingots to help start you off again!!


Now I'm stuck again, but this time in Level 1.

Sorry Duolingo, but this has not been a good experience and I'm still waiting to even get a response to my first request for help weeks ago. Hope you get whatever this issue is fixed, because the concept is great even if the execution has not been.


Blargy! I really wish I new what this new bug is. It only popped up a month or two ago. Before then, people were only getting stuck because they didn't actually understand how the course worked. But, that's not the problem your having. :( I will continue to keep my eyes and ears out!


To add to this, Sams0n, why don't you try stopping by bchan's stream and listing your support ticket number along with a short description? It's possible that they may have missed it, and that helps it "be seen". I tried that once and received a response fairly quickly, so it's worth a shot.


PS I'm looking at the flag attached to your comment and it says that you have progressed to level 4. Is it only showing you level 1 on your side?


Yes, I'm stuck there having re-done Level 1. Maybe it shows Level 4 because last time I got stuck after completing Level 3?

AlexisLinguist, I"m sorry but I'm new to this and I don't know where to find bchan's stream or my support ticket number though I appreciate your help!

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