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when is "es" used and when is it understood?

I used the sentence "No, el color no es importa." It was incorrect with solution "No, el color no importa." How can you tell when to use "es" and when to leave it out? You wouldn't say "No, the color not important in English."

April 26, 2012



No, el color no importa = No, the color doesn't matter --- importa in this sentence is the 3rd person singular of the verb importar


It seems if you want to interpret the sentence as "No, the color doesn't matter", you wouldn't need "es". If you interpreted the sentence as "No, the color is not important", then you would?


As Mariposa said: 'importa' isn't an adjective but a verb. The corresponding adjective is 'importante'


Thanks to Mariposa and wataya. The message finally penetrated, even if it did take a tag team effort.


@nottoosloweddy: Great! ;-)

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