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lost links in e-mail

When I get an e-mail that someone has commented on a discussion and click through on the "view discussion" button, the link no longer goes to the actual discussion. Instead, I only get linked to my home page.

June 6, 2013



It works for me.


Interesting. So this might be an individual fluke?


no,that happened to me a couple times, what i would do is just log in to your duolingo account and just look the discussion up that's what i had to do


Maybe the session tokens got somehow screwed up. Have you tried logging out and in again?


Thank you! Yes, that worked. Only hard part was finding my password. ;-)


DuoLingo has made a change in their URL

the old link doesn't contain the "www"

sample: "http://duolingo.com/#/comment/151233?from_email=comment"

in the new URL you have to add "www"

like "http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/151233?from_email=comment"

you also have to change this in your bookmarks of the browser ... but this change doesn't seem to be necessary for all URLs

the rule is: ... if you get linked to your home page ... add the "www"


Thanks. What was happening was that I was simply getting linked to "duolingo.com"--not the page for the discussion, with or without the "www." Logging out and in again solved the problem.

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