"Ci sono tanti divertimenti nella piazza principale."

Translation:There is so much entertainment in the main plaza.

June 6, 2013

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Square should be accepted


square is accepted sept 18

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    "There is a lot of entertainment in the main square" was accepted Apr'20


    "There is so much entertainment in the main square" was not accepted on 8 March 2021. But the suggested answer was identical except for using the word "plaza."


    Not accepted in November 21 :-(


    Yes. Translation into English should be accepted. I had to click the tiles and I was only offered translation into Spanish (plaza), which is really just the Italian with the i changed into an l like in French (place). You could also change it into an r to get the Portuguese (praça). D


    extra suggestion: attractions. I think that's what they are called in English, even if that is rather broad as a term. I would never say that there are 'entertainments' at Chicago's Navy Pier, for instance.


    As a native English speaker i would also say 'amusements'


    The sentence is a little awkward, but we would definitely use entertainment like that in English.

    "Let's go to the main plaza! There is plenty of entertainment for the kids!"

    Attractions has a slightly different meaning. Entertainment is just general things to see, etc. Attractions means more like rides, activities, or things to do.


    Would "diversions" be an appropriate translation? DL didn't accept it. It's a word used by many a literary author to refer to this kind of thing.


    I don't get why "ci sono tanti..." and not "c'e cosi tanto..." Someone has suggested it's to do with plural, but... really?


    Isn't ci sono, there are


    I think in Italian they say "ci sono divertenti" cuz it's plural, but when you translate it to English you get singular "there is entertainment"

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      so aggravating. Half the sentences in Italian refuse to accept piazza, as translation, only plaza. And half refuse to accept plaza, only piazza. Both should be accepted, as piazza is a normal architectural term in English. This is insane.


      So why is Duo's preferred translation of piazza plaza - you may just as well leave it in Italian as translate into Spanish, both words being often used in English.


      Why there is a lot of entertainment in the main square is marked wrong? Tanto also means a lot and piazza also means square. Are we subjected to capriciousness?


      I really get irked when dl insists on such a narrow translation


      I got the question correct but 'plaza,' really? I cannot even recall a time when I've used that term. The only place I might refer to as plaza, would be an old cinema chain. I'm not suggesting the translation is wrong, it just seems weird, I'd suggest 'square' which is also gives as an option.


      I just wrote fun... and got accepted! :o


      Would DL ever review all the inconsistencies in the program?


      There are no there is... ???


      piazza = plaza How come an Italian word is translated into English with a Spanish word?

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        I think it gets used in America quite a bit: wasn't the FBI office is some Plaza, but it's defo not English en.wiktionary.org › wiki › plaza


        the translation given for piazza is place or position which I used against my better judgement and it was given as wrong.


        This might be a daft question, sorry...Can you say 'cosi tanti' if you really want to stress something?


        Square is not accepted on nov. 26 2018


        Why not amusements?


        I "missed a word" but honestly it wasn't there! I looked at each word individually and entertainment was missing! I've had the sentence before, and it wasn't, so something weird happened this time.


        Why the hell is 'piazza' a 'plaza'?


        "There is much fun in the main square" ?


        Sono used for " is"


        Who's writing these sentences? XD

        Buon divertimento a leggerli!

        I'm hoping the last bit "to read them" is correct and putting the buon in front of divertimento doesn't mean "good good fun"? So, I'm also taking all the fun AND coolness out of my Italian sentence!


        It seems both plaza and square are acceptable translations as of Sept 15/2020. Piazza has previously been translated as square. this is a new possible translation.


        This really is not a sentence you would say... espascially in English.


        Why suggest fun


        in?? on the square!

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