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"De sorte pander er til kødet."

Translation:The black pans are for the meat.

September 22, 2014



Why do we use "til" here and not "for"?


For the audio, I can't hear a difference between kod and kodet - am there supposed to? When people pronounce those, is it different?


I can hear the "t" at the end of kodet...not sure about "kod". I think if you're speaking people probably can't tell the difference anyways


I cannot tell in which cases "de" means "the" or "those". "Those " was marked wrong here.


With an adjective, you need "de" to say "the". If there is no adjective "de" usually means "those".

[deactivated user]

    Would "stoves" be correct for "pander" as well?


    Should "kødet" be pronounced with a soft d sound or with a regular t sound at the end? I thought it was with a soft d sound but I can hear the t sound in the recording.

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