can i skip the courses if i am not a new learner?

if i can, could you please tell me what should i do?Because i can't stand of repeating the excises about what i have learned~~thank you :D

June 6, 2013


Yes, provided you can pass the shortcut test/s...

There are shortcut tests that allow you skip an individual skill (ie Basics 1, Basics 2, etc) - you can see these as a button near the top right when you open the page for that skill. It says "Test out of this skill".

There are also shortcut tests that allow you to skip a group of skills at once. These are the gold keyhole symbols on your home screen. When you hover your mouse over them it says Shortcut.

June 6, 2013

yeah i used that a couple times, its better than having to do all those lessons especially the ones with like 15 in them can get why you would want to skip :D

June 6, 2013

waw~ thank you~~ i find that buttons!!! :D~~

June 7, 2013

You can test out (we give you three chances to do that per skill). I have studied Spanish for many years (but needed some practice for sure!) and started at the beginning of the tree. For many of the skills, I went right through all of them in order to brush up and re-familiarize myself. For other skills that I felt more confident in (present tense for example), I tested out. I do find myself going back again and again to skills that I've passed, but want to practice. Also, definitely try some translating. It's a good way to put all the stuff you know to some good use, and it can be a nice challenge depending on what sentences you decide to translate or edit. Also, know we are working on more ways for advanced learners to practice and learn.

June 6, 2013
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