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"Nunca he estado en esa parte del país."

Translation:I have never been in that part of the country.

5 years ago



In this sentence in and to are interchangeable. Prepositions are always difficult,but in this case having been ¨to that part of the country¨ really does convey the same as having been ïn that part of the country¨.

5 years ago


I would agree, but I find that you sometimes just have to remember which ways they want you to translate a sentence when translating, which can be frustrating sometimes

5 years ago


Well if we report legitimate options like this, it will improve and future users won't have to remember that stuff.

5 years ago


"Never have I been in that part of the country" is also correct English grammar.

3 years ago


Why not: "He has never been to/in that part of the country" ? can someone explain if there is a specific difference between using have and has?

3 months ago