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Spanish Ceta?

I am going to Spain soon and I want to learn Spanish with the ceta. Is there a way to modify Duolingo to do that?

June 6, 2013



I as a native spanish speaker can tell you that although I have a kind of rare accent I've never been anywhere where that made it difficult for me to comunicate


I doubt it, but I wouldn't let it stop you using Duolingo though. Its practically just a different accent, and I was able to use the little Spanish I learned in Ecuador there without any problems. I learned some standard German, and I found myself being able to understand Swiss German and even some Dutch afterwards. You can learn American English and move to Scotland, you would just have to be patient and get used to the accent. The core vocabulary is near enough identical, and that is the only thing that is really important at the end of the day. Even my Brazilian friend understands a lot of Spanish without having studied it. It's all relative!

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