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audio books

can anyone suggest a good audio book that I can listen to on my i-phone (i tunes would be good) I have completed the Paul Noble series which was okay but need something I can listen to on the go

3 years ago

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Note: I get most of my audiobooks from the library or Audible.

  • Cuando era Puertorriqueña por Esmeralda Santiago - narrated by the author
  • Duermete Carajo por Adam Mansbach, Narrated George Lopez
  • Jorge el Curioso narrated by Diego Arciniegas
  • La Casa en Mango Street - Narrated by Liliana Valenzuela
  • la breve y maravillosa vida de Oscar Wao
  • Tia Lola series - narrated by Michelle Gonzalez
  • Como Dan Las Buenas Noches Los Dinosaurios

Cincuenta Sombra de Grey Why? Why would I add that book? Many critics state that the book is simple and horribly repetitive. Ok, it's simple and repetitive. I thought the Aura Caamaño's performance was . . . animated and comedic.

Reply3 years ago