"Femeile mănâncă un sandvici cu pește."

Traducere:The women eat a fish sandwich.

September 22, 2014

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Am scris The women eat a sandwich with fish si nu mi-a acceptat-o!


Pentru că trebuie să scrii The woman eat a fish sandwich așa e corect


'fraid not. woman is singular (eats), women is plural (eat).


Nu este corect .Ai pus in loc de EATS EATsi sandwich with fish


The women eat a fish sandwich.


Dar with inseamna cu .


Forma la plural ptr femei ??


Women si singular woman.

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    Ca sa fie cum traducere data de ei trebuia scris "un sandvici de peste"...nu este gresit ....with fish


    Technically, the Romanian sentence is ambiguous, as it does not specify, and there is no way to know, if the fish is part of the sandwich or not. People I know, and I, use to eat canned fish but not add them to the sandwich, just separate. We eat the whatever sandwich instead of bare bread, as it is tastier, but the fish is fish, on the plate. The Romanian sentence is describing this situation as well as the situation when someone eats a fish sandwich. And there is no way to know which one is it, without context. Therefore the translation "a sandwich with fish" has to be accepted. Tried it both versions, and it is not (as of November 2021). Reported.

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