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"Questo è il cervello di una scimmia."

Translation:This is the brain of a monkey.

June 6, 2013



That's going to come in really handy on my trip to Capri...


Let's look at it this way: you fall out of the boat in the Grotto because a monkey jumped in and scared you "ha paura." When you fell out of the boat you hit your head, injuring your brain, on an outcropping of rock. SEE, now all these vocab words are taking on an importance you never expected.

P.S> During my 10 trips to Italy, I never had the occasion to discuss the above. However, I did have many discussions, in Italian, on buying food, train tickets, hotel reservations, a vaporetto ticket agent attempting to cheat me on my change (il resto) There are important words that not being used as part of the lessons. This is what happens when a lessons are 100% computer driven.


But if you were an Italian eating out in China, this phrase would be useful!


Perhaps in the Blue Grotto?


take a bow Calderoli


In slovene brain has just plural. Does it have just singular in italian or can I say: Quali sono I cervelli delle scimmie.

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Stop vivisection!


Perché un gufetto ha un cervello di scimmia, Duo? L'hai rubato quando la scimmia stava dormendo?


Must be my brain.


This is a monkey brain?! No?

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Research lab workers in discussion. What did you do at work today Mommy? Oh nothing much honey, just followed orders.

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